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Gonesh Incense Sticks Fine Sticks from the USA
In 1923, a Lithuanian immigrant named Radzukinas acquired a small company, The Hindu Incense Company. For business purposes, he changed his name to Radkins and changed the fortune of his small company by dedicating himself to the manufacture of quality charcoal incense cones and incense burners. Laurent Radkins operated the Hindu Incense Company successfully from the 1920s to the 1960s. In the mid-sixties, the second generation of the Radkins family entered the business and Genieco Inc. was born. Soon, the product offering was expanded to include incense sticks. The new brand name was GONESH®, named after the Hindu Elephant Boy, the God of Luck. The name Gonesh was trademarked in 1965. The company flourished through the 60's and 70's, fueled by Flower Power and psychedelia. By the early eighties, a third generation of the Radkins family had entered the business. With the bloom of the 60's fading fast, this new generation of Radkins endeavored and ultimately succeeded in growing the business based on the long established quality of GONESH® brand products. We offer the CLASSIC and EXTRA RICH line in sticks only.
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Gonesh - #2
Classic Sticks Oils and Spices
$ 1.99
Gonesh - #4
Classic Sticks Orchards and Vines
$ 1.99
Gonesh - #6
Classic Sticks Ancient Times
$ 1.99
Gonesh - #7
Classic Sticks Perfumes of Earthly Wonders
$ 1.99
Gonesh - #8
Classic Sticks Spring Mist
$ 1.99
Gonesh - #10
Classic Sticks Herbs and Flowers
$ 1.99
Gonesh - #12
Classic Sticks Green Mountains
$ 1.99
Gonesh - #14
Classic Sticks Mystic Forest
$ 1.99
Gonesh Custom - Dragons Blood
Custom Blend Sticks Dragons Blood
$ 2.29
Gonesh Extra - Amber
Extra Rich Sticks Amber
$ 1.99
Gonesh Extra - Black Cherry
Extra Rich Sticks Black Cherry
$ 1.99
Gonesh Extra - Cedarwood
Extra Rich Sticks Cedarwood
$ 1.99
Gonesh Extra - Chandan
Gonesh Extra Rich Sticks Chandan
$ 1.99
Gonesh Extra - Cherry Blossom
Gonesh Extra Rich Sticks Cherry Blossom
$ 1.99
Gonesh Extra - Cinnamon
Extra Rich Sticks Cinnamon
$ 1.99
Gonesh Extra - Coconut
Extra Rich Sticks Coconut
$ 1.99
Gonesh Extra - Dreamsicle
Gonesh Extra Rich Sticks Dreamsicle
$ 1.99
Gonesh Extra - Frankincense
Gonesh Extra Rich Sticks Frankincense
$ 1.99
Gonesh Extra - Gardenia
Extra Rich Sticks Gardenia
$ 1.99
Gonesh Extra - Green Apple
Extra Rich Sticks Green Apple
$ 1.99
Gonesh Extra - Honeysuckle
Extra Rich Sticks Honeysuckle
$ 1.99
Gonesh Extra - Jasmine
Extra Rich Sticks Jasmine
$ 1.99
Gonesh Extra - Lavender
Extra Rich Sticks Lavender
$ 1.99
Gonesh Extra - Lemongrass
Gonesh Extra Rich Sticks Lemongrass
$ 1.99
Gonesh Extra - Love
Extra Rich Sticks Love
$ 1.99
Gonesh Extra - Mint
Gonesh Extra Rich Sticks Mint
$ 1.99
Gonesh Extra - Musk
Extra Rich Sticks Musk
$ 1.99
Gonesh Extra - Nag Champa
Extra Rich Sticks Nag Champa
$ 1.99
Gonesh Extra - Ocean
Gonesh Extra Rich Stick Ocean
$ 1.99
Gonesh Extra - Patchouli
Extra Rich Sticks Patchouli
$ 1.99
Gonesh Extra - Pine
Gonesh Extra Rich Sticks Pine
$ 1.99
Gonesh Extra - Rain
Extra Rich Sticks Rain
$ 1.99
Gonesh Extra - Raspberry
Extra Rich Sticks Raspberry
$ 1.99
Gonesh Extra - Rose
Gonesh Extra Rich Sticks Rose
$ 1.99
Gonesh Extra - Sage
Extra Rich Sticks Sage
$ 1.99
Gonesh Extra - Sandalwood
Extra Rich Sticks Sandalwood
$ 1.99
Gonesh Extra - Strawberry
Extra Rich Sticks Strawberry
$ 1.99
Gonesh Extra - Vanilla
Extra Rich Sticks Vanilla
$ 1.99
Gonesh Extra - Violet
Gonesh Extra Rich Sticks Violet
$ 1.99
Gonesh Extra - Wisteria
Extra Rich Sticks Wisteria
$ 1.99