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Incense Burners

New Magic Smoking Bottles, Pillars and Burners Smoking Bottles, Pillars and Regular Incense Burners
Smoking incense bottles and pillars are the most enjoyable way to set the mood and relax with the exotic scents of far away places. Nothing is more relaxing than sitting back and watching the fragrant smoke of your favorite incense escape these designs in endless, wonderful shapes that may make your dreams come true. Smoking bottles and pillars are the safest and cleanest way to enjoy incense. With smoking bottles you simply insert the stick into the split ring and suspend it inside the bottle from the top with the stick upside down. Smoking pillars stand the stick upright and are held into the base. We also have classic burners, fancy burners, soapstone, brass and coffin boxes. The choice is yours!
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Here are all the products in this category:
Basic Burner - Wood
Classic Burner - Wood
$ 0.99
Basic Burner - Stars & Moon
Classic Burner with Stars & Moon
$ 1.79
Basic Burner - Wood for 19" Sticks
Classic Burner for Long 19" Incense Sticks
$ 2.49
Bamboo Ash Catcher
Bamboo Ash Catcher - Black or Wood Stain
$ 3.99
Incense Burner Box - Assorted
Deluxe Carved Coffin Box for Sticks and Cones
$ 9.99
Incense Burner Box - Tibetan Short
12" Tibetan Open Box for Sticks
$ 7.99
Incense Burner Box - Tibetan Long
15" Tibetan Open Box for Sticks
$ 10.99
Smoking Tower - Soapstone Lizard Habitat
Soapstone Incense Tower - Habitat of Lizards (Red)
$ 29.99
Smoking Tower - Soapstone Sun Moon Om Star
Soapstone Incense Tower - Sun Moon Om Star (Cream)
$ 29.99
Soapstone - Om Round Aroma Lamp
Handcarved Soapstone Aroma Lamp - Round Om
$ 10.99
Soapstone - Oil Lamp Black Sq
Soapstone Oil Lamp Black/Dark Grey
$ 7.99
Soapstone Ball & Stand
Small Elephant in Soapstone Ball for Sticks
$ 6.49
Soapstone Elephant Parade
4" Multistick Elephant Parade
$ 6.99
Soapstone - Sneaky Stone
3" Soapstone Stick & Cone Holder (lid flips over for stick holder)
$ 6.49
Tea Candles - 12 Pack
12 Pack Tea Candles
$ 2.49
Wood Sun Engraved
3.5" Wood Engraved Stick & Cone Holder
$ 2.49
Wood Sun Engraved with Stone Holder
3.5" Wood Engraved Sun with Stone Lotus Stick Holder
$ 4.49