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Mother's Fragrances

Mother's Fragrance - 17 Great Nag Champa's 16 Great Nag Champas
The Mother's India Fragrances are based on traditional Indian incense. They are hand rolled, made from pure and natural ingredients only. Each fragrance has honey and a resin called Mattipal as its base. This resin gives the fragrances their full, sweet scent and makes the sticks soft to the touch. Each one of these sticks will burn for 1 to 2 hours each. Some consider these Nag Champa's as the finest available anywhere. We have 18 different aromas available in 12 stick, 5 of them in 20 stick and a few in bulk. You won't find the 100g plus sizes anywhere else but here! All of Mother's Fragrances are packed for peace and a portion of the proceeds from the sale of this incense is donated to international efforts to promote world peace and the economic development of the poor. With the changes over the years in Satya Sai Baba Nag Champa, we consider Shanthimalai "Red" Nag Champa, Mother's Fragrance and  Goloka "Gold" Nag Champa to be the best value and quality Nag Champa incenses in the world.
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Mother's INVENTORY are due to arrive in AUGUST 2014
Mother's Fragrance - Aravind Nag Champa
Blend of Jasmine and Gardenia, Roses and Champa - 12 Sticks
$ 1.99
Mother's Fragrance - Jyoti Nag Champa
Warm Fragrance with a Vanilla like Benzoin Aroma - 12 Sticks
$ 1.99
Mother's Fragrance - Lakshmi Nag Champa
This is a Milder Version of Nag Champa - 20 Sticks and Bulk
$ 3.29
Mother's Fragrance - Rishi Nag Champa
Fresh Sweet Red Roses, Fruit Jasmine, Blue Violets - 12 Sticks
$ 1.99
Mother's Fragrance - Vishnu Nag Champa
Accented with Saffron and Based on Oriental Notes - 20 Stick and Bulk
$ 3.29