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Mountain Naturals

Mountain Naturals Resin Incense Sticks Resin Incense Sticks
Resins: They are pure and natural and are the foundation of true incense essence, but making them burn in a stick form has always been very difficult and expensive. Most resin sticks have some sort of base stick, these sticks are often rolled with natural resins around them making them very unique and true to their aroma. Mountain Naturals takes this a step further to go beyond this process. They wanted the full impact of what the resin really smells like. Each of the resins goes through a five to six step process before it goes on the stick. The resin is then applied to the stick using essential oil. The final step is to hand roll the stick in the ground resin. The process is complex and time consuming, but this is what gives you the simplicity and pleasure of burning a resin... on a stick!
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Mountain Naturals - Amber Resin Sticks
Light, Sweet, Warm and Powdery - 10 Sticks
$ 9.95
Mountain Naturals - Benzoin Resin Sticks
Sweet Green Floral Scent of Pine - 10 Sticks
$ 9.95
Mountain Naturals - Copal Resin Sticks
Earthy Spice, Slightly Citrus - 10 Sticks
$ 9.95
Mountain Naturals - Frankincense Resin Sticks
Fresh and Citrusy - 10 Sticks
$ 9.95
Mountain Naturals - Patchouli Resin Sticks
Sweet, Dry and Woody - 10 Sticks
$ 9.95
Mountain Naturals - Pinon Resin Sticks
Scent of a Southwestern Forest - 10 Sticks
$ 9.95
Mountain Naturals - Sage & Cedar Resin Sticks
Combination of Mountain Sage & Eastern Cedar - 10 Sticks
$ 9.95
Mountain Naturals - Sandalwood Resin Sticks
Sweet and Buttery Aroma - 10 Sticks
$ 9.95
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