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Nu Essence

Fine Nu Essence Resins Egyptian Incense Resin
Made by Nu Essence, each incense is made by hand with natural herbs, resins and essential oils in accordance with astrological and kabalistic considerations. For fourteen years, Nu Essence has been making their exceptional incense blends formulated from ancient Egyptian and old Magi's recipes. Each incense is comprised of several different ingredients containing plants, gums, resins and essential oils. All ingredients in each package except for musk, ambergris and civet; these are of the highest quality synthetics that can be found, and they impart characteristics that are near to the quality of their natural counterparts. The incense is in its natural state (powder or resin) and once sprinkled over burning coals releases its magic of fragrance into the air. Perfect for meditation, entertaining, or setting the mood for a relaxing evening. Each package comes sealed in a 2" x 3/4" tin - 1 oz gross weight. If you enjoy burning incense resins, these blends will bring you a whole new experience. Also see our traditional incense page for more resins, woods and powders.
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Swift-Lite Charcoal Roll
Roll of 10 tabets 33mm
$ 1.99
Swift-Lite Charcoal Box
Box of 8 Rolls - 80 Tablets 33mm
$ 11.99
Screen Burner - Brass
3" Diameter Screen Burner
$ 8.99
Soapstone - Oil Lamp Black Sq
Soapstone Oil Lamp Black/Dark Grey
$ 7.99
Soapstone - Oil Lamp Grey
Soapstone Oil Lamp Single
$ 14.99
Soapstone - Om Round Aroma Lamp
Handcarved Soapstone Aroma Lamp - Round Om
$ 10.99
Soapstone - Square Aroma Lamp
Handcarved Soapstone Aroma Lamp - Square Om
$ 18.99
Tea Candles - 12 Pack
12 Pack Tea Candles
$ 2.49
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