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Oils / Perfumes

Oils from India, Song of India, Satya Essential, Perfumed & Massage
We offer Oils from India along with the popular Nag Champa Oils. ALL OF OUR OILS ARE 100% SAFE FOR YOUR SKIN. Oils from India come in two sizes: 5 ml and 9.5 ml, both offering an applicator wand. Our Oils from India where chosen to compliment or smell like our incense. We have classified our oils into 3 categories: 1 - ESSENTIAL: The single fragrant extract derived from botanical substance. 2 - ESSENTIAL BLEND: A blend of two or more different essentials. 3 - COMPOUND: A blend of ingredients including natural and synthetic aromatics, vegetable oils, and other natural or synthetic substances which may be used singularly or in combination to enhance the perfume oil or render it suitable for application to the skin. Listed are our 5 ml sizes, the larger 9.5 ml size is in the same description.
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Brass Aroma Ring
3" Aroma Ring for Oil and a Light Bulb SALE $1.29
$ 1.29
Soapstone - Elephant Aroma Lamp
Soapstone Oil Lamp Elephant
$ 9.95
Soapstone - Oil Lamp Black Sq
Soapstone Oil Lamp Black/Dark Grey
$ 7.99
Soapstone - Oil Lamp Grey
Soapstone Oil Lamp Single
$ 14.99
Soapstone - Square Aroma Lamp
Handcarved Soapstone Aroma Lamp - Square Om
$ 18.99
Soapstone - Triple Moon Lamp
Soapstone Oil Lamp Triple Moon
$ 10.99
Tea Candles - 12 Pack
12 Pack Tea Candles
$ 2.49
India Temple - Oil 8ml
India Temple Roll - on Oil 8ml
$ 8.99
India Temple - Oil w/Aroma Ring
India Temple Aroma Oil w/metal Ring
$ 10.99
Song of India Essential Oil - Sandalwood
Pure Essential Oil - Sandalwood 10ml
$ 54.99
1000 Dreams Oil
Compound: Dry, brisk and strong
$ 8.99
Amber Essence Oil
Essential Blend-Compound: Sweet, powdery, rich & warm; long-lasting
$ 8.99
Ambrosia Oil
Compound: Soft Ambergris type bouquet
$ 8.99
Bedroom Special Oil
Essential Blend-Compound: Rich, sweet floral; exotic and heady; strong long lasting bouquet
$ 8.99
Black Sandalwood Oil
Essential Blend-Compound: Gentile Sandalwood; resinous
$ 8.99
Blue Rose Oil
Essential Blend-Compound: Brisk rose bouquet
$ 8.99
Cedarwood Oil
Essential Blend: Dry and woody; a hint of sweetness
$ 8.99
Ceylon Tea Oil
Compound: Exotic tea-like fragrance with vanilla tones added
$ 8.99
Cinnamon Oil
Essential Blend-Compound: Spicy and sweet; not too strong
$ 8.99
Champa Oil
Essential Blend-Compound: Blend of oil that duplicates Shanthimalai 'Red' Nag Champa
$ 8.99
Dragon's Blood Oil
Essential Blend-Compound: Blend of many oils with Dragon's Blood extact
$ 8.99
Egyptian Musk Oil
Essential Blend-Compound: Bouquet of amber, sandalwood, frankincense and aloeswood are detechable
$ 8.99
Egyptian Rose Oil
Essential Blend-Compound: Rose fragrance with rich resinous tones
$ 8.99
Exotic Nights Oil
Compound: Lusty, warm, highly perfumed floral; exquisite finish
$ 8.99
Frangipani Oil
Essential-Compound: Created by demand; sweet & floral
$ 8.99
Frankincense Oil
Essential Blend-Compound: Rare bouquet prepared from resinoid
$ 8.99
Fresh Breeze Oil
Essential Blend-Compound: Delicate & fresh lotus fragrance. Very strong
$ 8.99
Garden of Angels Oil
Essential Blend-Compound: Delicate, light gardenia
$ 8.99
Gardenia Oil
Essential Blend-Compound: Fragrance of blooming gardenias
$ 8.99
Goddess of the Moon Oil
Essential Blend-Compound: Spicy jasmine bouquet
$ 8.99
Golden Champa Oil
Essential Blend-Compound: Fashioned after the aroma of Nag Champa Incense
$ 8.99
Golden Myrrh Oil
Essential Blend-Compound: Resinous; woody; spicy; mellow with sweet vanilla overtones
$ 8.99
Golden Sandalwood Oil
Essential Blend-Compound: Sandalwood bouquet with a sweet vanilla like overtone
$ 8.99
Golden Vanilla Oil
Essential Blend-Compound: Rich and creamy true vanilla fragrance
$ 8.99
Honeysuckle Oil
Essential Blend-Compound: Sweet, warm and rich honeysuckle fragrance
$ 8.99
Jamaican Coconut Oil
Essential Blend-Compound: Rich and savory; freshly toasted coconut
$ 8.99
Lavender Oil
Essential-Compound: Wonderful sweet lavender bouquet; a bit spicy
$ 8.99
Lotus Blossom Oil
Essential Blend-Compound: Wonderful sweet lavender bouquet
$ 8.99
Myrrh Oil
Essential Blend-Compound: Prepared from the resinoid; diluted, but still very thick
$ 8.99
Night Jasmine Oil
Essential Blend-Compound: Very clean and potent; a delicious jasmine
$ 8.99
Night Magic Oil
Compound: A floral perfume - slightly spicy. Very strong
$ 8.99
Ocean Breeze Oil
Compound: Fresh, crisp, slighty salt, sweet aroma. Very refreshing
$ 8.99
Opium Extra Oil
Essential Blend-Compound: Spicy, rich, warm and evocative; similar to the popular perfume
$ 8.99
Passion Oil
Compound: Soft, warm, sensuous floral fragrance
$ 8.99
Patchouli Extra Oil
Essential: A mix of patchouli's from many locations producting a unique blend unlike any other
$ 8.99
Pure Patchouli Oil
Essential: A blend of the lighter Patchouli's
$ 8.99
Pure Violet Oil
Essential Blend-Compound: Springtime violets with a touch of rose
$ 8.99
Rain Forest Oil
Compound: Fresh, clean, and pure; vitalizing
$ 8.99
Rose Water Oil
Essential Blend-Compound: Light, clean, refreshing rose scent
$ 8.99
Sahara Rain Oil
Essential Blend-Compound: Very strong floral perfume; dry and spicy finish; not too sweet
$ 8.99
Sandalwood Oil
Essential Blend-Compound: Much like Mysore Sandalwood oil
$ 8.99
Sandalwood Supreme Oil
Essential Blend-Compound: Rich, warm and sweet; pure sandalwood base with citrus highlights
$ 8.99
Seven Mysteries Oil
Essential Blend-Compound: Sharp & penetrating floral bouquet; complex long lasting aroma
$ 8.99
Shiva's Garden Oil
Essential Blend-Compound: A sweet and blossomy honeysuckle fragrance
$ 8.99
Sin Oil
Compound: Exotic & sensual; similar to the Giorgio perfume
$ 8.99
Snow Apricot Oil
Essential-Compound: Exotic sweet perfume with a hint of sandalwood
$ 8.99
Strawberry Fields Oil
Essential Blend-Compound: Freshly picked strawberries with a touch of vanilla
$ 8.99
Tibetan Jasmine Oil
Essential Blend-Compound: True jasmine fragrance
$ 8.99
Tibetan Musk Oil
Compound: Wonderfully soft, seductive musk
$ 8.99
Tibetan Pine Oil
Essential Blend-Compound: Clean & refreshing, like a fine pine mist
$ 8.99
White Ginger Oil
Compound: Warm, sensual & exotic; tropical night in paradise
$ 8.99
White Musk Oil
Compound: Our softest floral musk has a luscious quality without being heavy
$ 8.99
Wildflower Oil
Essential Blend-Compound: stunning lavender - like floral: rich, exotic bouquet
$ 8.99
Satya Nag Champa Body Oil
Satya Sai Baba Nag Champa 15ml Body Oil
$ 9.95
Satya Nag Champa Perfume Oil
Satya Sai Baba Nag Champa 1/8 oz Perfume Oil SALE $4.99
$ 5.99
Song of India Oil - Amber 2.5ml
Bottle of Amber Oil 2.5ml
$ 2.99
Song of India Oil - Aphrodesia 2.5ml
Bottle of Aphrodesia Oil 2.5ml
$ 2.99
Song of India Oil - Buddha's Delight 2.5ml
Bottle of Buddha's Delight Oil 2.5ml
$ 2.99
Song of India Oil - Frankincense 2.5ml
Bottle of Frankincense Oil 2.5ml
$ 2.99
Song of India Oil - Indian Beauty 2.5ml
Bottle of Indian Beauty Oil 2.5ml
$ 2.99
Song of India Oil - Jasmine 2.5ml
Bottle of Jasmine Oil 2.5ml
$ 2.99
Song of India Oil - Kama Sutra 2.5ml
Bottle of Kama Sutra Oil 2.5ml
$ 2.99
Song of India Oil - Krishna Musk 2.5ml
Bottle of Krishna Musk Oil 2.5ml
$ 2.99
Song of India Oil - Neroli 2.5ml
Bottle of Neroli Oil 2.5ml
$ 2.99
Song of India Oil - Nag Champa 2.5ml
Bottle of Nag Champa Oil 2.5ml
$ 2.99
Song of India Oil - Patchouli 2.5ml
Bottle of Patchouli Oil 2.5ml
$ 2.99
Song of India Oil - Sandalwood 2.5ml
Bottle of Sandalwood Oil 2.5ml
$ 2.99
Song of India - Solid Perfume Brass Tin
7 Fragrances - Amber, Krishna Musk, Nag Champa, Neroli, Night Queen, Patchouli, Sandalwood - 4 grams
$ 5.99
Song of India - Solid Perfume Rosewood Jar
4 Fragrances - Aphrodesia, Krishna Musk, Nag Champa, Patchouli - 6 grams
$ 10.99
Pocket Guide to Aromatherapy
Pilgrims Pocket Series - Pocket Guide to Aromatherapy
$ 6.99
Exotic Essences - Cedar
Cedar - Body Perfume, Air Fragrance, Incense
$ 3.99
Exotic Essences - Frankincense & Myrrh
Frankincense & Myrrh - Body Perfume, Air Fragrance, Incense
$ 3.99
Exotic Essences - Jasmine
Jasmine - Body Perfume, Air Fragrance, Incense
$ 3.99
Exotic Essences - Lavender & Jasmine
Lavender and Jasmine - Body Perfume, Air Fragrance, Incense
$ 3.99
Exotic Essences - Lavender
Lavender - Body Perfume, Air Fragrance, Incense
$ 3.99
Exotic Essences - Patchouli
Patchouli - Body Perfume, Air Fragrance, Incense
$ 3.99
Exotic Essences - Plain
Plain - Body Perfume, Air Fragrance, Incense
$ 3.99
Exotic Essences - Rose
Rose - Body Perfume, Air Fragrance, Incense
$ 3.99
Exotic Essences - Tube Rose
Tube Rose - Body Perfume, Air Fragrance, Incense
$ 3.99
Exotic Essences - Vetivert
Vetivert - Body Perfume, Air Fragrance, Incense
$ 3.99
Exotic Essences - Ylang Ylang
Ylang Ylang - Body Perfume, Air Fragrance, Incense
$ 3.99