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Padmini Incense Sticks Incense from India
Padmini Products is a unique synthesis of old fashioned values and new horizons, traditional culture and modern technologies. The result is a unique harmony of supreme aromas. That lifts your spirits and arouses the finer senses. Padmini Products was born nearly 50 years ago. They have grown from strength to strength, keeping pace with time. And time is testimony to Padmini's success in fragrance. Their efforts and dedication are mirrored in the exquisite quality of their products. To date, successive generations have been personally involved in the critical areas of materials management and operations. This lends their fragrances, that often-missing element of the personal touch.
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Here are all the products in this category:
Padmini - Brindavan Sandal Hex
20 Stick Hex Tube
$ 1.39
Padmini - Chandan Hex
20 Stick Hex Tube
$ 1.39
Padmini - Chandan 100g
100 Gram Box Chandan
$ 4.99
Padmini - Gold Statue 100g
Mystical fragrance to enhance your inner thoughts - 100g
$ 6.99
Padmini - Gulistan Hex
20 Stick Hex Gulistan
$ 1.39
Padmini - Gulistan 100g
100 Gram Box of Gulistan
$ 4.99
Padmini - Lyrics Hex
25 Gram Stick Hex Tube
$ 1.79
Padmini - Pakeezah Flora
The Best Padmini has to offer 10 Stick Tube
$ 2.49
Padmini - Spiritual Guide 8
8 Stick Square Tube
$ 0.79
Padmini - Spiritual Guide Hex
20 Stick Hex
$ 1.49
Padmini - Spiritual Guide 120g
120 Sticks of the Hex Tubes
$ 7.99
Padmini - Sticks Hex
20 Stick Hex Tube
$ 1.39
Padmini - Sticks 100g
100 Stick Box
$ 5.99
Padmini - Chandan King Size Dhoop
10 Chandan King Size Dhoops
$ 0.69
Padmini - Dhoop Reg Dz
12 Pack of the Regular Dhoops
$ 4.99
Padmini - King Size Dhoop
10 King Size Dhoops
$ 0.69
Padmini - Superfine Dhoop
Padmini Superfine Dhoops 8 Sticks
$ 0.49