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Song of India

Song of India - India Temple Products India Temple Incense
Song of India, India Temple is a very fine fragrance from R-Expo that matches and blends into human sense of scents. The aroma is unique and like no other, we carry the full line of India Temple: incense, oils, candles, and bath products. R-Expo is donating a portion of these sales to benefit the needy children of India. Fine out what "smells just like temples in India" is all about. We also carry Song of India personal care products in Patchouli, Sandal, Lavender and Nag Champa. Click here to see more from the Song of India line.
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Here are all the products in this category:
India Temple - 25g
25 Gram Incense Pack
$ 1.99
India Temple - 60g
60 Gram Incense Box
$ 3.99
India Temple - Cones
Box of 25 Cones
$ 1.99
India Temple - Candle
India Temple Candle
$ 5.99
India Temple - Conditioner 100ml
India Temple Herbal Conditioner 100ml
$ 5.99
India Temple - Lotion 100ml
India Temple Herbal Moisturizing Lotion 100ml
$ 5.99
India Temple - Massage Oil 100ml
India Temple Herbal Massage Oil 100ml
$ 5.99
India Temple - Shampoo 100ml
India Temple Herbal Shampoo 100ml
$ 5.99
India Temple - Oil 8ml
India Temple Roll - on Oil 8ml
$ 8.99
India Temple - Oil w/Aroma Ring
India Temple Aroma Oil w/metal Ring
$ 10.99
India Temple - Soap 100g
Song of India - India Temple Soap 100g
$ 3.49
Song of India Oil - Amber 2.5ml
Bottle of Amber Oil 2.5ml
$ 2.99
Song of India Oil - Aphrodesia 2.5ml
Bottle of Aphrodesia Oil 2.5ml
$ 2.99
Song of India Oil - Buddha's Delight 2.5ml
Bottle of Buddha's Delight Oil 2.5ml
$ 2.99
Song of India Oil - Frankincense 2.5ml
Bottle of Frankincense Oil 2.5ml
$ 2.99
Song of India Oil - Indian Beauty 2.5ml
Bottle of Indian Beauty Oil 2.5ml
$ 2.99
Song of India Oil - Kama Sutra 2.5ml
Bottle of Kama Sutra Oil 2.5ml
$ 2.99
Song of India Oil - Krishna Musk 2.5ml
Bottle of Krishna Musk Oil 2.5ml
$ 2.99
Song of India Oil - Neroli 2.5ml
Bottle of Neroli Oil 2.5ml
$ 2.99
Song of India Oil - Sandalwood 2.5ml
Bottle of Sandalwood Oil 2.5ml
$ 2.99
Song of India - Solid Perfume Brass Tin
7 Fragrances - Amber, Krishna Musk, Nag Champa, Neroli, Night Queen, Patchouli, Sandalwood - 4 grams
$ 5.99
Song of India - Solid Perfume Rosewood Jar
4 Fragrances - Aphrodesia, Krishna Musk, Nag Champa, Patchouli - 6 grams
$ 10.99